Licences & Certificates

The AKESO clinical laboratories follow all criteria required for the accreditation of the International Standard Organization, ISO 15189:2012.

Both Centers’ activities meet the requirements of the N.187(I)/2007 Law* applying to the “Quality and Safety of Human Tissues and Cells” and the N.90(I)/2001, N.193(I)/2003, N.2(I)/2004, N.93(I)/2004, N.216(1)/2004, N.110(I)/2005, N.19(I)/2006 and  N.29(I)/2008 Laws** applying to the “Control, Establishment and Function of Private Clinics”, of the Republic of Cyprus.

*  (Nicosia’s Licence No. , Limassol’s Licence No.

** (Nicosia’s Licence No Α/1/Η, Limassol’s Licence No. Β/4/Η)