Two centers

Two centers are in operation, one in Nicosia and one in Limassol. Both centers are committed to provide superior care, the latest technological advances in the field of reproductive medicine and high quality services  in order to provide expert and individualized treatment. The Akeso’s Clinical Laboratories Quality System is in compliance with the ISO 15189:2012 International Standard and the Accreditation body’s applicable criteria and requirements.

The Laboratories

Our IVF laboratories are meticulously designed to comply with the ISO 15189:2012 standards. All the equipment used for handling and preserving gametes and embryos have been carefully selected to maximize the chances of a successful outcome. The  clinical laboratories and operation theaters where the egg collections/embryo transfers take place operate under special systems for a sterile and controlled atmosphere. All the materials used, are chosen for their high quality and effectiveness. The laboratories offer state-of-the-art services, while ensuring ideal conditions for the handling and culturing of gametes and embryos and high-standard treatments for our patients.